Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
OgreHaptics::AtomicScalar< T >Structure which has built in atomic arithmetic operators which can be performed on 32-bit variables (e.g
OgreHaptics::ConcurrentQueue< T >ConcurrentQueue is an unbounded FIFO (First-In First-Out) data structure that permits producers and consumers on multiple threads of execution to concurrently push and pop elements
OgreHaptics::ConcurrentQueue< T >::HazardPtrHazardPtr provides a safe mechanism for threads to advertise to all other threads making use of the same data structure about their memory usage
OgreHaptics::DebugRendererThe DebugRenderer provides utilities to draw elements used in a haptic scene
OgreHaptics::DeviceDevice defines the interface all concrete haptic device subclasses must implement
OgreHaptics::Device::RenderStatsStructure holding data regarding rendering statistics
OgreHaptics::DeviceEventClass containing information about a device event
OgreHaptics::DeviceInitInfoStructure to hold information about an available Device
OgreHaptics::DeviceListenerDeviceListener is an interface class which can be implemented to receive event notifications from Device instances
OgreHaptics::DeviceStateStructure holding data describing the state of a device, excluding calibration state
OgreHaptics::EventArgsBase class all event arguments must extend
OgreHaptics::ExceptionSpecialised Ogre::Exception which is used to signal errors inside the library
OgreHaptics::ExceptionFactoryClass implementing dispatch methods in order to construct by-value exceptions of a derived type based on an exception code
OgreHaptics::ForceEffectA ForceEffect provides a way to render forces to a Device to simulate arbitrary sensations
OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::CmdFadeInDurationCommand object for fade_in_duration (see Ogre::ParamCommand)
OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::CmdFadeOutDurationCommand object for fade_out_duration (see Ogre::ParamCommand)
OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::CmdSustainDurationCommand object for sustain_duration (see Ogre::ParamCommand)
OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::CmdSustainModeCommand object for sustain_mode (see Ogre::ParamCommand)
OgreHaptics::ForceEffectAlgorithmForceEffectAlgorithm is used for the actual force calculations for the haptic rendering of a ForceEffect
OgreHaptics::ForceEffectAlgorithmFactoryAbstract class defining the interface to be implemented by creators of ForceEffectAlgorithm subclasses
OgreHaptics::ForceEffectManagerManages force effects, force effect scripts (templates) and the available algorithm factories
OgreHaptics::ForceOutputForceOutput is a simple structure holding data that will be output by a Device
OgreHaptics::NonCopyableNonCopyable provides the base implementation for all classes which should not be copyable through either copy constructors and assignment operators
OgreHaptics::RenderSystemAbstract class defining the interface of a haptics rendering system, through which API wide settings and schedulers can be controlled
OgreHaptics::SystemSystem is the root class of the OgreHaptics system
OgreHaptics::TimerAbstract class defining the interface of a Timer to be implemented by rendering systems

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