Todo List

Class OgreHaptics::ConcurrentQueue< T >
The ConcurrentQueue class could be extended with an allocation and a deallocation policy for the creation of internally used nodes. This would allow the use of thread local node pooles to improve performance.

Member OgreHaptics::Device::updateWorkspaceMapping (bool synchronise=true)
Is throwing an exception prefered in the case of disabled?

Class OgreHaptics::DeviceListener
Implement OpenHaptics options.

Class OgreHaptics::ForceEffect
  • Add Listener to listen for state change events

Class OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::Listener
Listener which gets called back on ForceEffect events.

Class OgreHaptics::RenderSystem
Test availability of 3rd party libraries (must be done when plugin is installed?)

Last modified Tue Jan 6 22:31:25 2009