OgreHapticsForceEffect.h File Reference

#include "OgreHapticsPrerequisites.h"
#include "OgreHapticsAtomic.h"
#include "OgreHapticsForceEffectAlgorithm.h"
#include "OgreHapticsForceOutput.h"

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namespace  OgreHaptics


class  OgreHaptics::ForceEffect
 A ForceEffect provides a way to render forces to a Device to simulate arbitrary sensations. More...
class  OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::CmdSustainMode
 Command object for sustain_mode (see Ogre::ParamCommand). More...
class  OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::CmdSustainDuration
 Command object for sustain_duration (see Ogre::ParamCommand). More...
class  OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::CmdFadeInDuration
 Command object for fade_in_duration (see Ogre::ParamCommand). More...
class  OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::CmdFadeOutDuration
 Command object for fade_out_duration (see Ogre::ParamCommand). More...
class  OgreHaptics::ForceEffect::Listener


enum  OgreHaptics::ForceEffectState {
  OgreHaptics::FES_INACTIVE, OgreHaptics::FES_STARTING, OgreHaptics::FES_FADING_IN, OgreHaptics::FES_SUSTAINING,
 Enumeration of possible states a ForceEffect can be in. More...
enum  OgreHaptics::ForceEffectSustainMode { OgreHaptics::FESM_TEMPORAL, OgreHaptics::FESM_PERSISTANT }
 Enumeration of possible modes of the sustaining state of a ForceEffect. More...
enum  OgreHaptics::ForceEffectTimeType { OgreHaptics::FETT_TOTAL, OgreHaptics::FETT_CURRENT_STATE }
 Enumeration of possible types of remaining time of a ForceEffect to be rendered through a Device. More...

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