OgreHapticsDevice.h File Reference

#include "OgreHapticsPrerequisites.h"
#include "OgreHapticsAtomic.h"
#include "OgreHapticsCommon.h"
#include "OgreHapticsConcurrentQueue.h"
#include "OgreHapticsEvent.h"
#include "OgreHapticsForceOutput.h"

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namespace  OgreHaptics


struct  OgreHaptics::DeviceState
 Structure holding data describing the state of a device, excluding calibration state. More...
class  OgreHaptics::DeviceEvent
 Class containing information about a device event. More...
class  OgreHaptics::DeviceListener
 DeviceListener is an interface class which can be implemented to receive event notifications from Device instances. More...
class  OgreHaptics::Device
 Device defines the interface all concrete haptic device subclasses must implement. More...
struct  OgreHaptics::Device::RenderStats
 Structure holding data regarding rendering statistics. More...


enum  OgreHaptics::DeviceButton {
  OgreHaptics::DB_NO_BUTTON = 0, OgreHaptics::DB_BUTTON1 = 0x01, OgreHaptics::DB_BUTTON2 = 0x02, OgreHaptics::DB_BUTTON3 = 0x04,
  OgreHaptics::DB_BUTTON4 = 0x08, OgreHaptics::DB_INKWELL = DB_BUTTON3, OgreHaptics::DB_SAFETY = DB_BUTTON4
 Enumeration of the buttons found on the device, if available. More...
enum  OgreHaptics::DeviceCalibrationState { OgreHaptics::DCS_NOT_INITIALISED, OgreHaptics::DCS_NEEDS_CALIBRATION, OgreHaptics::DCS_CALIBRATED }
 Enumeration of possible states of calibration of a Device. More...
enum  OgreHaptics::DeviceCalibrationType {
  OgreHaptics::DCT_UNKNOWN, OgreHaptics::DCT_AUTO, OgreHaptics::DCT_INKWELL, OgreHaptics::DCT_PULL_PUSH,
 Enumeration of possible ways devices are calibrated during run-time. More...

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